Sunday 26 January 2020
Undoubtedly, careful and timely implementation of maintenance and repair programs will significantly increase the lifespan of the equipment, reduce system deficiencies and ultimately maintain the capital of the owners and investors. Turbines, generators and other power plant equipment are no exceptions as well. They will be inspected and repaired according to the operating hours specified by the manufacturer.
A major overhaul is of great importance due to the great number of operations including repair and overhaul of turbine components, generators, and other equipment, as well as tests on turbine and generator components in order to ensure their safety in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturing companies. All the above requirements need to be fulfilled simultaneously and in the shortest possible time. Thus, it is an important process.
Given the technical knowledge of its experienced specialists as well as its cooperation with the original equipment manufacturers, the company is proud to provide major overhaul in the minimum international standard time and with the highest quality in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The company has successfully carried out repairs of more than 40 gas and steam units.