Monday 20 May 2019
Given the creation of a competitive electricity market in the world, power cogeneration companies not only increase their income through continuous production, but also seek to reduce the costs of operation and maintenance of power plants.Achieving this goal will only be possible by relying on new methods of exploitation, maintenance, and repairs.
Aiming to be more active in domestic and foreign markets, the company has planned to attract and train specialist personnel. Likewise, it tries to improve the quality level of internal processes and reduce the operation, maintenance and repair costs of power plants by adopting modern methods of operation.
Providing technical and engineering services in the field of operation, maintenance, and repair of gas, combined-cycle, and thermal power plants (through a consortium or a direct contract) are among the core activities of the company. 
The company's successful record in fulfilling its contractual obligations in the field of operation, maintenance, and repair of power plants has turned the company into the best domestic company in providing services in operation and maintenance of power plants. Winning the bid and signing contract for the operation and repair of the South Pars Power Plant for 8 years (under two contracts of 5 and 3 years), the operation and repair of Zavareh Combined-cycle Power Plant for 6 years, Chadormalu Power Plant for 6 years, and Samangan Power Plant for 10 years, all constructed by private sector investment, all back up this claim.
The company, as a leading and successful domestic company, is now seeking to become active in foreign markets, especially in that of the Middle East and North Africa.


Commissioning Of Total installed Units
36 %
O&M 13047 MW of 78332 MW Iran power generation Capacity
19 %
Private Sector market Share
30 %
Overhaul & HGPI (More than 102 Units)
61 %