Sunday 26 January 2020


MAPNA Operating and Maintenance Company relies on its technical and engineering structure to reach the missions such as operating and maintaining,  major hauling, as well as commissioning and performance testing of electric power plants and installations for cogeneration of electricity and water.
The company seeks to reach a high status at the national and regional levels by putting an emphasis on gas and combined- cycle projects, increasing its competitive capacity, as well as giving priority to HSE in all areas.
Given that the promotion of HSE is defined as one of the organizational values of the company, it is keen to recognize the unsound and pollutant activities and makes an attempt to control all the undertaken measures from different aspects including safety, environment and workers' occupational health.
To achieve the above goals, many executive programs including needs assessments, HSE training programs, and their evaluation, as well as recognition, measurement, and control of damaging physical, chemical, ergonomic, biological and psychological factors in the work environment are defined. Likewise, some measures are planned and undertaken to control risk based on Elimination, Reduce, Isolate, Control, PPE, and Discipline (ERICPD).
Upon regular monitoring of the related Key Performance Indicator (KPI), the company also managed to achieve a high rank in terms of HSE among similar companies.
Consequently, five strategies for safety, health, and the environment are developed as follows:
-    Institutionalizing and improving preventive policies in HSE
-    Equal development of HSE awareness, understanding and knowledge
-    Minimizing hazards and reducing workplace harmful factors
-    Paying attention to sustainable development and environment protection
-    Minimizing occupational accidents (human and equipment), maintaining and improving employee health