Sunday 26 January 2020

Human resources

Specialized personnel is the most important capital of any knowledge-based organization. Given the service nature of the activities undertaken by MAPNA Operating and Maintenance Company, the role of human resources in achieving the organizational goals is indisputable. As the main assets of an organization are highly skilled and experienced human resources. Currently, over 1500 experienced technicians and experts in more than 15 geographic locations all over the country are providing technical and engineering services. Their educational status is shown in the following chart.

Training and development of human resources

The company pays special attention to its human resources maintaining that they are invaluable assets in creating value for customers. Accordingly, the following measures are taken:
Human resource attraction: It includes demands for manpower, and conducting specialized tests and interviews by the recruitment committee to attract specialized and trained human resources.
Training and skills development
Training needs assessment: It is annually written and edited based on the actual needs of staff.
Educational planning: Approved training is independently planned in the power plants of the company, and the annual calendar of each power plant is set at the beginning of the year.
Assessment and training effectiveness: It is conducted for all training.
Training is provided in the form of classroom training, distance learning, retraining, seminars and conferences, and on-the-job training.
An annual sum of over 60,000 hours of general, specialized and managerial training is held at the headquarters and subsidiary power plants.
The design and implementation of payment and compensation systems: Salary, rewards, welfare, insurance, and treatment are based on monthly intervals according to the relevant instructions of the company.
Performance evaluation system: Individual or team assessment forms are provided by the responsible unit in accordance with the instruction for performance evaluation, and ultimately the person's work record is issued.
Employee motivation management: The employee satisfaction survey is undertaken based on the Hay Group Model and consists of fourteen items. After analyzing, the results are defined and implemented in the form of corrective actions and projects.
Management of working relations and organizational behavior: The periodic evaluation of organizational culture based on Denison Model, behavioral codebook which is the basis for employees’ behavior, and the newsletters designed by the public relations specialist.
Internal communication management: Working and family relationships are planned and implemented by the company in the form of competitions, cultural programs and group activities (celebrations, gatherings, etc.).
Human resources excellence: It is conducted based on Philips Human Resources Maturity Model.
To guide and socialize employees at the time of joining the organization:
It is known as recruiting training and includes 450 hours of training (400 hours of specialized training and 50 hours of general training). This 2-month training is for newly recruited staff to become familiar with the organization and the work process.