Monday 17 June 2019

Aiming to complete the chain of design, construction, installation, commission, operation, and repair of power plants set up by the MAPNA Group, MAPNA Operating and Maintenance Company was established in 2003.
The company's activity commenced in 2004 by hiring workforce for commissioning and operating South Isfahan and Parand gas power plants.
By developing the operations, the company is currently in charge of the operation and repair of power plants including South Isfahan, Ferdowsi, Asaluyeh, South Pars, Parand, Fars, Genaveh, Zavareh, Chadormalu, Pareh Sar, as well as Qeshm Power & Water Cogeneration Plant.
By 2017 and relying on the formed commissioning teams, the company managed to carry out the commission and operation projects in more than 170 gas and combined-cycle power plants.
Concurrently, due to the start of new contracts in 2017, Behbahan, Samangan, Aliabad-e Katul and Sanandaj power plants, the nominal capacity of the plants in operation reached about 14,000 MW, accounting for more than 16% of the generating capacity of Iran’s local electricity grid.
The company is active in areas including commission, operation, major overhaul, as well as performance test of different types of gas and steam power plants, water desalination unit, wind stations, as well as the supply of equipment for refineries and petrochemical complexes in Iran, Middle East, and North Africa.