Sunday 26 January 2020


To achieve maximum readiness, the company has focused on proper maintenance of equipment and has invested heavily in this field. Therefore, the equipment will be evaluated first and the replacement/repair/ reconstruction of the parts will be undertaken merely on the basis of specific criteria.
The company's repairing approaches are as follows:
Preventive repairs are carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions at predetermined intervals with the aim of preventing equipment breakdown.
Predictive repairs are planned and implemented based on changes in important operational parameters as follows:
Pressure, temperature, flow
Vibration monitoring
Oil analysis
Fuel analysis
Water analysis
Corrosion monitoring
Emergency repairs are carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for fixing the breakdown.
The CMMS software is used to perform these activities effectively. The CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System) controls the repair process and achieves maximum readiness and reliability over the lifetime of the power plant. This software makes the record of all repairs possible and facilitates receiving reports based on various indicators such as the duration of repairs, repair costs, and so on. This software speeds up the access to the following information:
Reasons for failure in the unit readiness
Reasons for failure in the equipment readiness
Consumption of spare parts and materials
Used manpower
In carrying out maintenance and repair activities, it is always necessary to pay special attention to the schedule, HSE requirements, the maintenance and proper use of tools and the employment of qualified contractors. The required tools are provided from known brands in accordance with the ergonomics. They are periodically calibrated, maintained and controlled in accordance with the latest edition of the instructions. Therefore, they will be replaced quickly if needed. Also, the periodic control, protection, and maintenance of special tools ensure their proper functioning.
Organization of repairs
In this section, teamwork and rapid response to problems are emphasized in order to achieve high quality and more productivity. Repair technicians carry out day-to-day repairs of the power plant, and engineering personnel monitors the repair activities. If specific services are needed that are not available in the organization (for example specific tests), qualified contractors will be used.
Measures in this section include:
Periodic and daily inspection and visual test 
Periodic and daily tests
Emergency repairs and fixing equipment breakdown
Replacement of the parts
Supply of tools and equipment needed for repairs
Maintaining the repair records of equipment and power plants
Report to the employer on the status of equipment and taken measures
The major overhaul is conducted at specific time intervals and in accordance with the instructions of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Before project execution, the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) is prepared, and consequently, the work schedule is prepared by using the software P6 or MSP, and the required resources are determined.
The inventory of tools and spare parts are reviewed before commencing the work.  In case of shortage, the necessary orders are provided to the suppliers. Also, the required workforce and expertise for carrying out the operation are controlled. Qualified contractors will be employed if special services are required during a major overhaul. In order to realize the scheduling and implement the project with minimum cost and with the highest quality, PMBOK principles are applied. First, periodic reports are provided on the status of the project. Then, the reasons for the deviation from the plan are identified, and a new plan is developed for achieving the goals.