Sunday 26 January 2020


Commissioning of 217 Power Units covering 156 Gas Units, 31 Steam Units, 4 HRSG Units, 6 MGT30 Units, 1 MGT40 Units, 13 Wind Units, 4 Desalination Units, 1 Refinery Unit, 2 Combined cycle in Syria and 8 Gas Units in Iraq (MAPNA O&M) has a great experience and ability in implementing such projects.

Having experienced and qualified teams for launching gas and steam units, the company is one of the most experienced and powerful companies in the field of power plants in the country and the region. It has always made an attempt to improve the quality of work and increase productivity through training of the personnel.
Given a significant importance to timing and relying on the ability and knowledge of its executive teams, the company has succeeded in maintaining the quality of the operations and has been able to decrease the average time of launching to the synchronization of each gas and steam unit to 45 days and110 days, respectively.
  • The domestic installed capacity is 27779 MW and the foreign installed capacity is 2387 MW.